Best Places to Retire Overseas

How many of us dream of retiring to some exotic paradise as we are at work? You may think of the best place to retire overseas as having warmer climate, lower cost of living or just a different journey as life brings about a new adventure.

Turning your dream to reality can be a challenge. Travelzoneapp The first step (of course) before you say “arrivederci Roma”, is to make arrangements to live where you are going to consider living for an extended period of time. toursideas To retire overseas is to become a local. Learn the language. Remember, you’re leaving the U.S. and most times will have to adapt to their native tongue. Some areas do have ‘pockets’ that have many people who have transplanted themselves from the U.S. and found that this is a great place to retire. It certainly would be to your advantage to find an expatriate (expat) community. Have you watched the HGTV shows on International House Hunters?

When doing your research for places to retire overseas, keep in mind the following. International living comes with issues you must consider:

Safety, infrastructure (roads, power, drinking water, government), climate, local culture, real estate values, medical facilities, cell and telephone access, internet capabilities, banking, foreign exchange rate, government controls, visas and residency permits, travel back to the U.S. travelgestures (remember family left behind), spiritual needs, working (you may get bored of paradise), transportation, taxes (real estate plus whatever other taxes and fees they have), cost of living to name a few.

You may want to sell the home, pack everything and put it in storage and set sail in the sunset. thetourntravels As we said, before making the final decision, you may be in a position to lease your home for at least a year. You may have a home to come back to if you decide that the best place to retire overseas is not for you. There are plenty of options. As you dream, don’t lose sight of planning. It’s like doing an Excel spread sheet.

Best places to retire overseas really means any place off shore of the U.S. It could be a short distance or really a long distance to the ‘other’ side of the world.

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