Stargazing in Tenerife – Some things to Know

Night time is something that brings with it many wonders and beauties of the universe. When you look up during the night times, you will notice that the long stretched sky will offer you the stargazing experience, which can make you contemplate the idea of magnificence of heaven and its presence.

The best way of enjoying the beauty of night life is by checking the long stretched sky of Tenerife. The experience of Tenerife stargazing has never failed to make the viewer feel a sense of awe.

You can also experience this by hiring the help of Club Canary in Tenerife. They are famous for helping the visitors making the fullest of their trip to Tenerife.

Why Tenerife Night Life?

The lunaresque landscapes and Mars-like features in the long stretched sky with the dark background is something that can be mind-boggling to anyone.

You can experience this when in Tenerife as the incredible mantle of night sky laded with shining stars will surely make your mind feel poetic and peaceful.

The shining bright moon amidst the twinkling stars is something that can increase the beauty of sky ten folds.

Tenerife life, especially the night life must not be missed by those visiting this marvelous destination, and to support this La Palma island has Roque de los Muchachos Observatory.

This is the observatory that was initially installed with the view of helping astronomers to experience the best stargazing and also studying the night sky in the best way.

However, nowadays this observatory is provided with the facility of allowing the visitors to enjoy the night gazing experience.

Another natural observatory that is found in Tenerife is El Teide mountain, which is considered as the highest peak on the island.

This is more than 3715 meters in length and can offer the mind-blowing view for the watching eyes.

The surrounding Tenerife, especially the night view is something that cannot be described in words and can just be felt when in Tenerife.

The archipelago of Tenerife islands has amazing things to offer the visitors starting from impressive laurel forests, idyllic beaches, well-protected natural spaces, and many such destinations for the visitors.

The added benefit of visiting Tenerife at certain time of the year is that one can enjoy the meteor shower while lying on the highest peak in this island.

Stargazing need not be enjoyed when the moon is at its peak. This is the beauty of Tenerife. You can enjoy the wonderful time in this island even during the new moon day.

The best times for observing constellations, amidst the shining stars is a wonderful event for astronomy lovers. The perfect alignment of the constellations can be noticed through the observatory.

Some places to enjoy stargazing in Tenerife are,

  • The Guajara peak
  • The surroundings of Parador
  • Ucanca Viewpoint Plain
  • La Ruleta Viewpoint

Find out the right time of the year that can offer the wonderful stargazing experience for you in Tenerife.

By doing so, you can stay assured that your visit to this archipelago will be the best one so far.

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